MuZemike and Wikipedia

There is considerable stigma associated with being infected with the AIDS virus.  Because of this stigma, many AIDS carriers refuse to take antiretroviral drugs.  Instead, they convince themselves that they do not need to be treated.  These sad people are not just harming themselves.  Antiretroviral drugs work by inhibiting viral replication.  Not only does this prolong the life of the infected individual, it also helps to prevent the spread of the virus, since the risk of transmission increases with increased viral replication.

Rather than addressing this denialism, many physicians still actively encourage it.  Most notable among these denialists is NIH director Anthony Fauci.  Since Fauci holds the purse strings for AIDS research, this denialist has done considerable harm to AIDS research and AIDS carriers alike.

It is fairly evident that denialists are mentally ill.  About one in three AIDS carriers suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder.  Denial is a defence mechanism that a distressed individual uses to avoid distressing thoughts.  Some denialists are HIV-negative and appear to suffer from cluster B personality disorders.  Many denialist physicians and some “scientists” appear to suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.  Some abusive physicians appear to suffer from borderline personality disorder. 

Denialists also serve as editors on Wikipedia.  Naturally they oppose discussing this issue on the pages of Wikipedia.  Such individuals can be quite abusive.  Whenever possible, I avoid such people.  There is nothing to be gained from attempting to reason with a denialist.  These mentally ill individuals view such attempts as acts of aggression.  They are also obsessive and are prone to stalking. 

Wikipedia permits users to have more than one user name for privacy reasons.  In theory, this allows an editor to go off and do other things under another user name while the denialists cool off.  Outing is (in theory) not permitted on Wikipedia. 

However, there is nothing preventing denialists from becoming administrators on Wikipedia.  Some administrators are “CheckUsers”.  Such administrators have the power to peak at the IP addresses associated with different user names.  If the intersection set of the IP addresses associated with two different user names happens to be non-empty, it serves as evidence that both user names may access the internet from the same computer.   This, in turn, suggests that the two user names may be employed by the same person.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with this, provided that individual is not using multiple user names to distort consensus.  It is hard, of course, for a paranoid CheckUser to understand this.  MuZemike is one such CheckUser. MuZemike believes that using multiple accounts is the same as abusing multiple accounts.  Clearly this young man is paranoid.

The following was found by googling MuZemike:

photo of MuZemike:

“Why Is Wikipedia Admin MuZemike Allowed To Keep Blocking Users For No Reason?

“This j**k admin on Wikipedia named MuZemike keeps blocking me for no reason on every time I edit. If I try to edit, within a day or even an hour or two I am blocked every time by this same idiot. He blocks me and when I get blocked I get this message that I can email him to appeal the block or that I can appeal the block to another admin.

“If I do that I then get a message like your “right to appeal” has been “revoked” and “further sanctions have been placed on you” for “abusing the appeals process”. He then increases amount of time of the block. My IP address keeps getting blocked endlessly by this same j**k. And when he blocks me he leaves nasty messages like, “you are not fooling anybody a**hole”.”


<MuZemike> … that IP is just a run-of-the-mill troll

[19:25] <Qcoder00> MuZemike I think was having a joke about a typical troll behaviour
[19:26] <Qcoder00> If genuine , than that unblock request’s onyl going to harden attitudes
[19:26] <MuZemike> Speaking of that, I haven’t seen the “Wikipedia Freedom Fighters” in a while.
[19:27] <staffwaterboy> Muzemike who said that with the unblock template
[19:27] <MuZemike> Many

[19:30] <MuZemike> Argh, that idiot
[19:30] <staffwaterboy> Yes its untasteful but its the persons userpage
[19:30] <MuZemike> I knew I should’ve indef-blocked him and be done with it.
[19:30] * MuZemike headdesks

[19:33] <MuZemike> He used about 10 or so confirmed socks, which was why I blocked him for 1 month.
[19:33] <MuZemike> This reminds me of [[User:Wolfkeeper]]
[19:33] <{Soap}> Wolfkeeper was socking?
[19:33] <{Soap}> gah
[19:33] <MuZemike> yes


“Why does the same guy keep blocking me on wikipedia?  His name is muzemike and he constantly blocks my ip address from editing for no reason at all. all of a sudden my ip will just be blocked by him. you cannot appeal it, you cannot ask for a review, nothing. it’s happened so many times and it is really getting tiresome. he blocks my ip for no reason at all. he just says every time “suspected sock puppet” and then he gives some really rude and stupid comment like “nice try jackass””


“The problem comes when an expert (in the broadest sense) understands something that most people don’t get, or get exactly wrong, and where most people can’t or don’t or even refuse to understand the literature on it.

In that case, much of the population of the wiki will be repeatedly editing the material back to what they believe, rather than what is actually true.

The expert can try to explain the problem, they can revert it back to the objective truth of the literature, but in the end they will be the ones seen as problematic, rather than the majority of people that are repeatedly putting the wrong information into the wiki.

The more careful experts are, the more likely that they are to get banned or otherwise censured for ‘causing trouble’.”


“Bravo Chesdovi.  Fed up with all of the Wikipedia articles that exist only to attack the Jews, Chesdovi created a delightful spoof, “Judaism and bus stops.” The article is as well-sourced as Israel and the apartheid analogy, and makes it far more sense. … It has been deleted by MuZemike who pushed to block Rocalisi a few months ago under the “orders” of Nableezy’s complaints as a supposed “sock.””


“How come some administrators like to tag banned user’s sockpuppets?  … MuZemike likes to tag sockpuppets.”


“It really [would be] a shame if the wrong guy was blocked and I think that is precisely what happened here.”


“Wikipedos [MuZemike] are afraid of being laughed at or insulted!”


“MuZemike is paranoid of what I might be thinking.”


“How come MuZemike is upset about my ban discussion?”


“Wikipedia seemed to have such high ideals when it started out, and now it has devolved to this. It’s a shame.”


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