Wikipedia says it is not run by spies

According Wikimedia Foundation executive Sue Gardner, “None of the Wikimedia Foundation’s funding comes from governmental sources.”  Wikimedia Foundation is the parent company of Wikipedia the website which purports to be “the free online encyclopedia which anyone can edit.”   As more and more volunteers realize that this is the first of many lies which can be found on Wikipedia (and cannot be corrected) volunteer participation—and even views—of the online propaganda site continues to decline.  Despite this fact, Wikipedia revenues are increasing.  It is unclear where Wikipedia is getting all this money if it is not from people who use and edit the site.

During the 1960s the CIA propped up a “charity” which was known as “Radio Free Europe”.  The purpose of Radio Free Europe was to broadcast US propaganda into the former Soviet Union.

There is an uncanny resemblance between Radio Free Europe and Wikipedia.  As with Radio Free Europe, Wikipedia articles reflect US foreign and domestic policies.   Verifiable facts from reliable sources which conflict with those policies are sanitized from the site and those of us who question the site are accused of “vandalism” and blocked from editing.

To describe the level of scrutiny under which content editors are subjected to by Wikipedia as “paranoid” would be an understatement.   Wikipedia retains massive amounts of information on its volunteers and uses that information to identify us if we criticize US public policy.  If we create a new account which returns to criticizing US policy we are quickly identified, outed, libeled, and blocked.

Whole web sites have been created for former Wikipedia volunteers who have been abused and permanently blocked from editing the “free online encyclopedia which anyone can edit”.

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