Anthony Fauci and Wikipedia

There are two schools of thought within HIV medicine:  Hoism and Faucism.   David Ho believes that everyone with HIV infection should be offered proper treatment.  NIAID director, Anthony Fauci does not.  Treatment doesn’t just prolong the life of AIDS carriers.  Since the AIDS virus must replicate to spread, treatment also prevents the transmission of the virus.

MastCell is a administrator on Wikipedia.  MastCell denies that he is Fauci.    Fauci controls an annual 4.8 billion dollar propaganda budget.  The source of this money is the American government.  So, the ultimate burden for Fauci’s propaganda campaign will fall on tomorrow’s taxpayers.

Fauci has been manipulating the content of medical literature for the last twenty years.  Today, MastCell is using the same tried-and-true disinformation tactics to manipulate the content of Wikipedia.  According to psychologist, Sam Vaknin, Wikipedia is a cult.  Vaknin is right.  NIAID is a cult led by Fauci.  Wikipedia is one of its propaganda arms.  Many physicians in America and around the world are members of his cult.

For the last two decades these Faucist physicians have been withholding therapy which would have prevented the spread of the AIDS virus.   This practice has led to 60 million cases of preventable HIV infection and 24 million deaths.  This makes Fauci the second largest mass murderer in human history, beating Stalin, who is now in third place, and Hitler, who is now in forth.

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